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D U B R O V N I K   &   C A M P I N G



Our stay in Dubrovnik was one of the places I was most excited to visit. Mainly because we are big Game of Thrones fans, but also because I am always in awe of beautiful, historic, architectural buildings and this place is thriving with just that! There were many churches we wandered into, all filled with extravagant masterpieces of paintings and statues made out of gold and marble. 



I you wanted to see the Dubrovnik from above you can do a walk around the whole city walls and the views are just spectacular. You do have to purchase a pass to visit the walls of Dubrovnik which you can do here Dubrovnik Pass and this gives you access to many important sights to towns of Dubrovnik & Cavtat including museums, gallery's and Rectors Palace (another GOT filming location) and lots more. You can get a day pass for €35, three day pass for €45 or a seven day pass for €55.

Also as part of the walls tour outside of the main Dubrovnik walls there is a fort called Fort Lovrijenac (also GOT film location, I will do a whole post on this later for anyone interested) which gave great views of the city & the sea. You can walk outside of the walls and along a little path passing the beautiful crystal blue water and headed up quite a few steps to get inside. 

While here we stayed at Solitudo Sunny Campsite in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This was the perfect base, offering a wonderful camping experience in Dubrovnik. The campsite is located on the quiet green peninsula of Babin kuk, just a 10-minute-ride from the historic centre of Dubrovnik, and only a 5-minute-walk from a fantastic beach, and a few beach clubs which we enjoyed a couple of days when y family flew over to see us.

Our favourite beach club to visit was Coral Beach Club the food was just divine and they did a gorgeous large fruit platter! The girls hired a paddle board which they loved, and the water was so beautiful and crystal clear!
Highly recommend if you do get to visit! We did also have a chilled day at the beach club next door which the children loved but I would say Coral Beach Club had the nicer bohemian vibe and decor.

Hope this gives you some info & inspo to visit Dubrovnik, its definitely somewhere we will go back!

Alexis x



 T R A V E L L I N G   T O   C R O A T I A

I N   O U R   M O T O R H O M E

Back in the summer holidays of 2022 we decided to take our motorhome and travel down to Croatia for just over 5 weeks. We took the eurotunnel link here from Dover to Calias and used the Park4night app link here to find places to stay the night on the way down. These were some lovely stop overs, very cheap and sometimes free. We stopped in Belgium, took a quick day trip to Amsterdam, stopped over for a night in Frankfurt, Germany, did a night in Gaishorn am See, Austria, and our last stop was Raztez, Slovenia before we arrived to a very hot Croatia! I actually thought it would be hot from the beginning but I was wrong, I only packed light sheets thinking would be too hot and save on space and we were freezing on the way down… oops! 

We didn't have anywhere booked to stay until we arrived in Croatia so it was winging it (yes I was slightly nervous but had done a fair bit of research still with the park4night app) 

First stop- Belgium.

Only a couple of hours away from the Eurotunnel, we found a little park up just outside of a pretty little town, perfect for Jaime to ride and grab some fresh croissants and doughnuts in the morning.

Second stop- Frankfurt, Germany. 

We actually tried to stop in a small park up overlooking a beautiful castle but it was full when we got there (you can't book any of these park up) the guy who worked there didn't speak a word of English but managed to get us down the road right next to a lovely river and didn't charge us. This had a park back up by the castle which the girls loved, it was a nice little walk along the river to get to it. 

Third stop- Gaishorn am See, Austria.

This was a very pretty stop, lots of mountains in all the backdrops and a park right next to a huge lake which the girls loved playing in and some nice walks around.

Fourth stop- Raztez, Slovenia.

We parked up next to a little restaurant and fishing lake which we had driven through all the mountains to get too which was a scary drive for Sienna and Harper, it was only locals at the restaurant who came for their Sunday lunch, and we were the only ones in the park up come evening which was a little scary as we were very isolated, and the next morning Jaime saw the sign saying beware or wolves, I'm glad we didn't see it before we stopped otherwise I would have had even less sleep! Tahlia decided she loved frogs legs…. Definitely wasn’t for the rest of us.

And then we arrived to 35 plus degree heat to our first campsite. I will share each campsite on its own blog post. Hopefully you can get some ideas of places to visit! 

Alexis x

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