Game of Thrones- Dubrovnik- Croatia

Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik Croatia

Ah this was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Croatia. Jaime & I are big GOT fans and this was something we really wanted to see. 

A lot of the filming was done around the main city of Dubrovnik, and on the little. island called Lokrum. Lokrum was used as the City of Earth and they have a Game of Thrones museum. To get to Lokrum you can purchase a ticket from the vendors along the walls, or online to catch a boat across. The boats run daily from April to November each year, with a higher frequency of service in the peak summer months. You can see the timetable on the Lokrum island website and lots more information about this beautiful island. Journey time is only 10 minutes. Once there you don't need to book a time back you just hop on the next boat when you are ready to return.

This is the main entrance into the city walls and used in the GOT filming

As soon as we stepped off the boat you could see how beautiful all the surrounding gardens are. These have been well maintained as well as the monastery which is situated a little walk away on the opposite side of the island. 

We walked through the wonderful tropical gardens (GOT- the City of Earth) and around the monastery which was amazing. 

Once done you can go through to where they have the throne of swards which we of course all sat and had a photo on!

You can walk around the museum room, there were little tvs you could watch them doing the filming of Game of Thrones and it was telling you information about it all.

Once out the other side you could go underneath into the basement where there was a lot more information about the history and all the old walls. It was very pretty to see. 

We stopped and sat down at a beautiful little bar, the girls had the best milkshakes and Jaime & I had a cocktail. Everyone who works on the island gets the boat over every day as it is uninhabited. 

There was also a little rock / plung pool you could swim in, the girls had a little play but we didn't take swimsuits so they went in in their clothes, luckily it was hot enough that they dried off pretty quick. 

If you do visit Dubrovnik I highly recommend going across to Lokrum, it was so beautiful.

I will add the photos of film locations and our photo so you could see where we went. The Fort Lovrijenac was also where they filmed a lot of the Red Keep in Kings Landing & the tournament thrown in King Jofferys name day in season two. Y0u need the Dubrovnik pass to enter (I have linked below) And to get there you walk along a lovely little bay which was used for a few scenes and can climb up these steps/rocks which still have these really cool old little doors and caves built into.

We also got to walk the famous steps where they filmed a few scenes but the main one was the walk of shame for Cersie.

When walking the walls (you need a ticket from Dubrovnik Pass and someone scans it so you can enter)
It takes you up to here, which was scene used with Daenerys & Jorah. And you can walk the whole way around the city seeing some exceptional views!

The Dubrovnik pass allowed access into Rectors Palace which was beautiful!

Lastly there is a little doorway which was used, and when you go through it has a lovely little children park. I think this was definitely Tahlias favourite part of the trip!

I love all things films and tv, so seeing all the places was just amazing as Croatia is just such a beautiful country in itself. Id definitely go back!

Hope you enjoyed

Alexis x


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