Marmaris Castle- Turkey


M A R M A R I S   C A S T L E


While we were staying in Marmaris I wanted to see some history and beautiful local places. I come across Marmaris Castle which was about a 40 minute walk along the beach or 5 minute taxi (we did taxi as was far too hot) Situated at the top of Marmaris old town was this love little castle. The castle has had to have some work done to it, meaning you can see where it has been re-made but there are lots of historical artefacts to see in the museums and huge marble statues, plus some of the old ruins still there. 

It was very cheap to go in around about £3 per adult and older children. We had to leave the pushchair at the entrance as there are lots of steep steps so it wasn't the easiest walking around with Cassius trying to run off. 

The views of the hills of Marmaris and the sea were just stunning. I definitely recommend a visit if you can. 

The town was very pretty too, we stopped for a drink at this beautiful Thai style bar (my favourite) it has a little wooden swing the girls loved, lovely coffee & cocktails, a water feature and a poole table which the girls and jaime played a few games on. It was called Budha Shisha Bar and they were so good with the children they even brought us some crisps, nuts and watermelon.

Right outside this was some little shops full of gifts and jewellery of the Turkish eye, and in the middle was the most amazingly hung white dreamcatchers and Turkish eyes. It was worth a visit just to walk this. 

We also noticed all the drains dotted around on the floor had pebbles and the Turkish eye in them which I loved! If you go see how many you can spot!

Alexis x

Marmaris - Turkey




So we booked a last minute summer holiday through TUI, to an all inclusive resort in Marmaris, Turkey. We did 8 nights as it was the last week of the school holidays and I wanted to have a couple of days to recover and get ready before school, and if we stayed longer like 10 nights the flight times for other days were not that great especially with the new school year starting. Sadly we had a delay coming out of 2 hours 55 minutes, and they also ran out of food which was a big disappointment. And again on the way home a 2 hour delay and the food ran out again. Im not sure why but we have never had something like this happen in all the many trip we have done, so slightly put off doing an all inclusive again with TUI...

The hotel we stayed at was called Blue Bay Platinum and we had a family room which consisted of 2 bedrooms a lounge area, bathroom & balcony. The room was lovely it did have a few things which need fixing, like you could see where people have been locked in or out and they have had to break open the door on a few occasions by the look of it. There was also tape keeping part of the main door frame together, some of the floor tiles had been cracked but other than that it was fine. The main downfall is how the hotel has been designed. This 'family' block was right above the evening entertainment area (This will be in a YouTube video) and the entertainment started at 9:30pm going on till past 11:30pm and sadly it was the loudest speakers I think we have ever heard. We had asked reception to move but unfortunately because it was such a specific room there wasn't many available and the only one that was going to be free while we were there, was the floor above us and that would have made no difference. The children managed to get to sleep through it eventually but safe to say Jaime and I didn't. 

The hotel had 3 pools, 2 main big pools and a little pool next to the 2 water slides. The girls loved the slides they weren't too big so were just enough for them. We had to have one of us in there to catch Tahlia but otherwise it was great.

The buffet was really good, it did get busy but we were up early for breakfast and early for dinner so seemed to avoid the rush because of this. Always good variety and everything we had was great. There was also an ice cream restaurant which was included and perfect to break the day up for the children. We never ate in the restaurant for lunch as the pool bar always had the most delicious pizza, battered chicken wings (I loved these better than a KFC - not healthy I know) and chips, spaghetti or pasta, onion rings and kebab wraps. This was perfect as the children loved it and could bring it back to their sunbeds to eat then once food had gone down they were straight back into the pool.

The all inclusive drinks here were good, they had lots of coffee machines scattered round which did great cappuccinos and lattes and then soft drinks of Fanta, coke, sprite and fruit juices etc. They also did a lovely iced coffee in the bar and beer or wine but we didn't drink much of that, Jaime just tried the beer which was he seemed to like.

This hotel has its own section of the beach with sunbeds and umbrellas right by the water activities, but because it was so hot we only ventured there twice, once to have a little look and a second time we did enjoy the sea but only for a short while. There are more bars and restraints out here which I would love to explore more of next time!

There are lots of shops in Marmaris which were fab, we did purchase a few things for the children, and lots of other bars and restaurants. We only ate in one of the restaurants outside the hotel twice it was called The Ledbury and was a steak house, the food was amazing we had a chateau briand twice and it was beautiful! It also had fabulous cocktails, the margarita was my favourite. Highly recommend. 

If we do ever go back I would like to try a few more restaurants outside of the hotels so maybe wouldn't do all inclusive but that is so nice and easy with the children. 

I will have more to come on the blog, one was a fabulous day trip we did to a beautiful, historical place, and we also did a boat trip I will tell you all about.

Have you ever been to Turkey? If so where have you been? And if you haven't a great place to start is Marmaris!

© Alexis J Mason
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